Thursday, August 25, 2011

Introducing Pascalle Burton...

Pascalle Burton

Pascalle Burton is a Brisbane based poet/sonic artist and zine maker who also performs in The Stress of Leisure. Burton's Zine-in-a-Matchbox series has been shortlisted for the Golden Stapler awards this year. She also makes poetry inspired jewelry, coupling images of poets with words from their poems to create upcycled brooches and earrings, available at the Lavender Room stall in the bookshop during the QPF. 


Word's Nest Brooches

All images courtesy of the artist

Pascalle Burton is performing in The Outlandish Watch session at the Queensland Poetry Festival this Saturday at 2.45 in the Shopfront with David Stavanger and Nathan Shepherdson.

The Outlandish Watch will be available on limited edition 7″ vinyl and features contributions from The Stress of Leisure. Here is a poem from the 7":


I’m changing my perfume again
from roses to winter to sandalwood
I’m moving all the furniture
from southern to eastern and homeward bound

He asks for space
so she visits more
he should know how this works:
time and space in reverse

I try to return my library books
the library has disappeared
a dog lies dead in the water
you cannot exchange consequences

The grave of Edgar Allan Poe is empty
no roses or cognac
an Unknown Heart is feared dead
under the floor somewhere in Baltimore

I am scared every single minute of the day
what lurks behind this happiness?
It is exquisite and it leaves one unsatisfied

Sleep helps you avoid everything
from wastelands to bossmen to magic tricks
a darkness in the stillest deep
with Jesus and Buddha and royalty

And there’s nothing you can do
but dream of what comes next

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