Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's your ABC???

"Art Nation" has been axed! See links below to online newspaper articles about the ABC cutting/ outsourcing arts programming.

The only thing more vile is reading some of the comments left beneath the Australian newspaper article which speak in many ways (unintentionally) of the need for more arts and cultural programming:

B.Andersons Posted at 2:43 PM Today
Get rid of all the ABC stations and programs exept ABCclassicFM and the currentABC TV1.We don't need O'Brien to introduce 4 corners either and either Sales or Uhlman for the 7.30 report.Most of the time it's not our ABC as they endorse leftist views of the government and don't encourage other views. Witness the Carbon Tax non debate.

John Miovich Posted at 3:13 PM TodayOh dear oh dear how awful, some of the poor darlings at the ABC will have to get real jobs !! I wonder how they'll cope ??? !!

Kevin Ball of Brisbane Posted at 3:32 PM TodayLet's face it- Art Nation was the ABC at its worst,a presentation of pretentious nonsense.But so too is Q and A.

ross of sydney Posted at 3:44 PM TodayOh what horror - closing down the most unwatched part of the largely unwatched ABC! Whatever next - having the luvvies pay for their ABC rather than sticking the bill to the rest of us.

petrus of queensland Posted at 3:55 PM Todaywhy not get rid of those one sided programs that are only there to prop up labor.i for one do not watch anymore abc to one sided

Jim Posted at 4:06 PM TodayWho cares! The ABC is just a mouthpiece for the Left. Look at Behind The News - pure ALP propaganda pushed onto children as "news".

Pedro of Canberra Posted at 4:11 PM TodayAbout time the ABC stop pandering to the lefty comrades and dreadful ALP apologists and catered for the whole country as per it's charter. Next on the list is to make the ABC bookshop competitive with K - Mart so us poor slobs can afford to indulge in the arts.

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  1. I love how you've posted the comments from that ABC article. We need to be more aware of how our online material is going to stay there until someone deletes it.

    I don't think everyone needs to be full of sunshine, but it makes you think before you post something that is only representative of a momentary hissy-fit, as opposed to a more integrated sense of your views.


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