Friday, August 5, 2011

Keates Poem no. 2

I hope you have enjoyed the interview and previous poem I posted by Carmen Keates. I thought I would post one more of her poems to round off the week!

My cousin Starry stitches up my eyebrow
after it explodes like a
little red rain cloud
from Derek clocking me with his guitar.
I say to Starry
(talking shit through the vodka and Acriflavine) —
You know us men and women,
we’re all the same, really.
And Starry,
frowning at her embroidery, says
O for sure, Rodney.
Just the other day I was thinking to myself:
‘Gee I wish I could pay a dude to screw me
after I’ve watched him dance around in the nude for a bit’.

From Second Hand Attack Dog by Carmen Leigh Keates. Previously featured on the SpeedPoets website. SpeedPoets is on this Sunday!

Catch Carmen at the Queensland Poetry Festival and keep checking back here in the lead up to QPF for more posts regarding festival artists, including Ghostboy, Nicola Scholes and Julie Beveridge.  


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