Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh the times... wedding photo booth pics...

 Me (before the wedding)
 My beloved Dylan
 Grant and Russell 
 Dave, Christina, Me, Dylan and Nathan
 Dave and Nathan
 Christina and Me
 Lauren and Jakeson
 Megan, Me and Robert
 Lauren and Dylan
 Dave and Liz
 Dave, Cohen and Christina
 Michael and Nicole
 Dave and Liz
 Nicole and Michael
 My Dad and Bruce
 Christina and Cohen
 Ella, Nathan and Leisa
Nathan, Dave, Liz, Lauren, Me, Dylan, Christina, Dave, Grant, Dulci, George, Emma and Ian

An assortment of pics from the photo booth at the wedding. 
A camera, a tripod and some props - hours of fun!


  1. I posted photo booth photos today too! It was such a fun and fabulous idea. I do believe we shall need a repeat at our 30th?

    Hope you are all packed!


  2. Both of your wedding pictures posts have been a joy to read. It looks like you had such a lovely day, I'm so glad you enjoyed it - I certainly did. Have a great honeymoon and life and things xx

  3. congratulations! this looks like my kind of wedding, as opposed to the stuffy and uber-expensive ones. Hope you enjoyed every minute of it.


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