Sunday, September 18, 2011

One week...

A bunch of daggy photographs of Dylan and I over the last few years.
We get married on Sunday!

I have been doing all the last minute wedding things - making sure everyone knows when the rehearsal is, organising the music for the reception, double checking all bookings (vintage car, chair covers, hotels etc etc.), wearing in the wedding shoes, digging out the passports, beginning to pack for the honeymoon, getting the animals their shots before they go into the kennels, and countless other details and ends that need to be tidied up and sorted out before the wedding and prior to our leaving the country. It is exciting and hectic. I am loving lists, I am loving family members who help with last minute requests (like I need some pretty coat hangers for the dresses) and loving Dylan's patience with everything!

Meanwhile, I am working on my chapter for the PhD (which my supervisor thoughtfully said I can hand in the day before the wedding!) and reading. I finished Bohemians of the Latin Quarter by Henry Murger, and I loved it, but it made me glad for hot running water and desirous of red wine. I've also been reading a monograph on Ezra Pound by G.S Fraser (written while Pound was still alive) and Warming the Core of Things, a book of poetry by Nora Krouk. I just finished The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (awesome/ heavy) and started The Damned by J.K Huysmans (some nice light reading to take on the honeymoon). 

Will post wedding photos as soon as possible and then hopefully this will get back to being more of a book/ poetry/ PhD blog again!


  1. I really love this collection of random photos, Fiona. They do show both of you in relaxed times. Not long to go now.Try to chill out, if you can. Clare

  2. Looking forward to being there on Sunday and celebrating with you!

  3. great photos!!
    hope your wedding goes really well and you have an excellent time! so exciting!
    will be away for a while tomorrow so i thought i'd say happy wedding now :)

  4. that's dedication! I'm pretty sure that if I were getting married, the phd would be the last thing on my mind :)

    have the best wedding ever, I hope you enjoy every minute of the day ... xo


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