Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Poetry inspired Christmas gifts...

Book Christmas Tree Image Credit

It seems like every website I look at and email I receive of late has suggestions for Christmas presents. I thought I might put together just a few poetry inspired Christmas present suggestions:

- An issue or two of poetry Zine-in-a-match-box by Pascale Burton at the Lavender Room.

- A poetry stamped plate with your choice of poem or quote.

- Poetry book ends.

- An inscribed ring.

- A subscription to Australian Poetry Journal, or a copy of Rabbit non-fiction poetry journal, or maybe membership to Australian Poetry or the Queensland Writers Center (there are many journals and organisations that could be added to this list).

- A writing workshop or even a language course in French, German, Spanish, Latin etc. etc.

- And of course books of poetry from you local independent bookstore. Or contact Collected Works bookstore in Melbourne which specialises in Poetry books. I would buy 6am in the Universe, the Selected Poems of the late Benjamin Frater, Grand Parade Poets, $27.95. and Perrier Fever by Pete Spence, Grand Parade Poets $24.95. Both published by Alan Wearne - read an article by Wearne about publishing them here

Feel free to leave further suggestions in the comments!

PS. One more idea. I just saw this on a Paris Blog. The t-shirt reads: “Moi, je veux te dire que je ne te quitterai jamais. Et puis, si tu es triste, je pourrais toujours te donner un peu d’alcool pour te rechauffer le couer. xo”

Which translates to something like: “I want you to know that I will never leave you. And, if you’re ever sad, I can always give you a little alcohol to make you feel better”.


  1. Those book ends are fantastic! (Shame about the $43 postage to Australia.)

    Lots of great suggestions. Are these also hints for your Christmas presents? :)

  2. Some maybe hints... I really like the ring and would like the two books mentioned... but I didn't make the post as a Christmas present list!

  3. I particularly like the t-shirt !!!

  4. I'm with you Christina. I like the poetry bookends. These do sound like hints, though.Very predictable, Fiona.Clare


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