Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ADFA and Duntroon...

Outside the Academy Library

ADFA Academy Library manuscript boxes 
Duntroon House, Duntroon

Today I caught the bus to the Australian Defense Force Academy (ADFA) with Michelle (another National Library scholarship holder). She went to Duntroon House and the Bridges Memorial Library to look at archives and I went to the AFDA Academy Library to look at the papers of Robert Adamson, Rudi Krausmann, John Forbes, John A Scott and John Tranter. 

The Academy Library is operated by the University of New South Wales and sometime in the not too distant past had funding to buy Australian manuscript collections and hence why they hold papers from generation of 68 poets that I am studying. They also have some poetry magazines there that are not available at the National Library (Aarvark and Mindscape). It was strange walking out of the library and seeing Army officers and Federal Police everywhere, but I loved the non saluting area sign (above). 

After I had finished going through the collection boxes I met up with Michelle at Duntroon house and we were allowed to do a little self-guided tour. It is the oldest homestead in Canberra, and despite the decades of renovations and extensions it still holds artifacts from the original owners. It was an eventful research day. 


  1. I'm amazed that they allowed you to take photos.I have never ventured inside those front gates.What a privilege.Clare

  2. Love the sign. Your research really is exhaustive isn't it! How strange that they collected anti-war poetry.


  3. I love the 'non saluting' sign, too! The research sounds great--and I love the little poems that you're posting.


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