Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day One...

Above. The National Library. Fish in the pond where we are staying at ANU. A shot within the accommodation complex. 

This morning we were picked up and whisked off to the National Library and spent the day doing incredible behind the scenes tours, exploring the book stacks, the archive and manuscript compactors and the cold storage space for recordings in the oral history collection. We got assigned our office, internet log-ins, email addresses, security clearances etc. and met with a number of specialist librarians and collection officers. We discussed our projects and the libraries holdings and found out how to fill in retrieval forms, where to get the best coffees and that there are 15km of shelves devoted to the manuscript collection at the National Library. Tonight I went into Civic for dinner with my fellow scholarship holders, who are all lovely and very interesting and studying very diverse topics, i.e. the Governor's Generals role, women's reading in the 19th century and migrant camps in Australia. I am happy and exhausted. Tomorrow I get to start requesting manuscripts, but today was just an amazing day of internal library sight seeing and meeting with clever talented people.


  1. Sounds really interesting, Fiona.Grandad used to work in the National Library many years ago.He used to translate foreign language articles for them.
    He also spent time in a migrant camp when he first came to Australia.Good luck with your research. Clare

  2. A busy day indeed by the sounds of things. Hope today is equally as productive for you. Looking forward to more updates.



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