Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day Three...

My office.
Behind the scenes.

I've spent today listening to interviews and poetry readings and taking notes. Inbetween CDs I have been requesting more materials and I went and had a look at the Michael Dransfield papers, I wish I could show you the photographs I took! This afternoon a cache of underground poetry magazines turned up for me and I have been pouring over their gestetnered pages; titles include "Free Poetry" by Nigel Roberts, "The Great Auk" by Charles Buckmaster and "Flagstones" by Ian Robertson. On there way are more small undergound poetry magazines like "Transit" by John Tranter, "Cat" by Andew Jach and "Our Glass" by Kris Hemensley. Fantastic reading.

At lunch I went for a walk to Old Parliment House, saw the rose gardens and ducked into the Portrait Gallery (again - I went there yesteday). Finished the night with Thai and a drink with my fellow scholars.


  1. Ha! I had to look up 'gestetnered'. Is that the same sort of copying device they used while we were in primary school, which gave the teachers aids office that permanent scent of purple ink?

    Shame you are forbidden to share those photos. But at least your allowed to show us your office.


  2. I remember the old gestetner machine.It had a crank handle that you turned for each new copy.The smell came from metho that was used,I think.It sure brings back memories.Thank goodness for modern technology such as photocopiers.Clare

  3. Yep, that's the Gestetner ... and the enemy of conservationists as it fades quickly I believe.

    Sounds great Fiona ... it's a wonderful location isn't and today, Friday, is a glorious day in our nation's capital. Some summer days you wouldn't want to venture outside until the end of the day but at present it's pretty perfect - warm and dry! The heat here is so much more bearable ... up to a point where even dry heat is hard to take!


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