Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week Four...

Week four run down:

Sunday... Renaissance exhibition with Dylan's grandfather and the other NLA scholars was lovely.

Monday... working on poetry magazine lists at NLA followed by dinner with friends.

Tuesday... morning tea at the War Memorial with the Summer scholars from the Museum of Democracy and the War Memorial and dinner with a friend who has just gotten back in the country.

Wednesday... met for coffee with the lovely Sue from Whispering Gums and Dylan's cousin for lunch. This week has been incredibly social yet productive.

Thursday... Australia Day - Chinese New Year celebrations and fire works on the lake.

Friday and Saturday... back to work at the library.

I have to thank John Tranter for sending me through some great leads, reviews, contacts and articles and also Nicholas Pounder for all of his helpful suggestions and titles to track down.

Happy Australia Day and Happy Triple J's Hottest 100!

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