Monday, January 16, 2012

Week Three...

Night Rider

He travelled on
the night bus

with a suitcase full
of revolution

to blow
the edge of darkness
                                      George Cairncross (UK)

in Your Friendly Fascist no. 6 c. 1972 ed. Rae Desmond Jones and John Edwards.

"John Forbes once said that the Australian poetry scene was like a knife fight in a telephone booth."
- Laurie Duggan in dialogue with David McCooey

"Poetry throughout the 1970s ran the danger of being the cloest thing we had to a bloodsport."
- Don Anderson, "American Graffiti, or 'I'm living in the Seventies'" 1982 Meanjin 41.1

And yet there is a colletivist approach to the underground poetry magazines. Despite the passions and disagreements (and the odd beer can thrown at a poetry reading) the magazines do give a sense of a supportive network. An almost self-sufficient network where young poets could bypass the established networks by virtue of their relationships with other young/ youngish poets who acted as audiences, editors and publishers. Maybe that was part of the problem though, you had to be part of the network...

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  1. Love the imagery of a knife fight in a telephone booth. What passion for poetry they had!

    Maybe not so much has changed? From talking to writers and poets I think you still need to be a part of the network today too?



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