Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From MS83 Box 2 Folder: "Poems from plastic folder"...

                                                             Nigel Roberts Cento

                                                                 in the Post office & General Store
                                                   we were pissed / flagon drunk
                                                                                            & affirming our bond, say
                                            this place / is the only place where
                                                                                     she has aquired some

                                                                     Genius / & Taste etc.

A cento I composed today while going through Nigel Roberts' manuscripts at the ADFA library, Canberra. Lines taken from "Today, in the Post office", "Of the wall, Buckmaster, myself & Bukowski", "Letter to Jamie Grant", "The Los Angeles Affirmation", "Joanna" and "Beauty/ Truth/ Genius? & Taste etc."

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