Monday, February 13, 2012

Home to a new house...

 Bedroom with one box to unpack

 Bathroom and my drawing of Egon Schiele

 The study - just boxes at the moment!
 Oscar in the lounge room

Galley style kitchen

Back in Brisbane and one room left to unpack. The new house is a sweet little Queenslander (weather board timber house on stumps, early 1900s). Time to set up the study and get to work on all the material I found in Canberra!


  1. Sending good study vibes to you! I too am currently setting up my home office properly. Can't get my ruddy computer to recognise the existing wireless in the house(I'm on M's computer right now) but hopefully everything will fall into place soon.

    I love your new place - really fresh and lovely.

    Any garden?

  2. It's looking lovely. Good luck unpacking the study. Might take awhile. Can't wait to see how it looks once it is done though.

    Looking forward to visiting your new house soon! xx


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