Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have a study and...

I have passed my first milestone for the PhD and progressed to being confirmed as a PhD candidate (you are initially enrolled as a provisional candidate). Hurray! The next milestone is in twelve months time and is a mid-candidature review, so lots of writing to do now.

I have also finished unpacking my study. As you can see it is a small but light filled room which faces the street (sorry about the dark photograph, my camera wasn't coping with all the morning light). My books and DVDs have been arranged alphabetically for the first time ever and there is another bookcase in the entry (which has yet to have the alphabetical treatment).

My IKEA desk holds an assortment of poetry books and my signed copy of Ginsberg's Holy Soul Jelly Roll: Poems and Songs 1949- 1993 that I purchased at the Beat Museum in San Francisco. The two little cubes forming a tiny bookcase were purchased with the help of my lovely sister from Bunnings. I needed something small enough to fit in that space to the left of the desk to hold all the files and folders of photocopies, notes etc. for the PhD (a filing cabinet would be ideal, but financially and spatially the cubes stacked on top of each other were a better option for the moment). I have a room of my own, I have organised by books and my papers and now I have no excuse not to work!


  1. I love that office - love those windows. I had also seen that desk in the catalogue.

    I'm going to get your opinion on my workspace when you visit. I've never been so undecided about how to arrange an office!

  2. Well, I do believe it is a super sweet space in which to work. So make your self a coffee, sit down at your lovely desk and try not to spend too much time day dreaming as you look out your window and start writing.



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