Friday, March 16, 2012

End of week...

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It has been a busy week, one that has seen me at the Fryer library almost everyday and I will be back there again next week. I have been working on my appendix of poetry magazines that the "new Australian poets" published in from 1968-1978 for my thesis (see Poetry magazines 1968-79 tab/page above), as well as my post-confirmation prospectus document (see PhD thesis tab/page above for an updated thesis statement). I am also researching and writing interview questions for the two last interviews I will be conducting, as well as writing an abstract for a conference later in the year and mapping an outline for my next chapter and making a PowerPoint for a guest lecture I will be giving next month. Meanwhile, I am still reading Sons of Clovis and All Poets Welcome, as well as interviews with a number of poets by Erica Travers (nee Bell).

However, I have the weekend off to go to a family wedding at the Gold Coast, have a great weekend!


  1. What kind of stimulants do you take to keep up this cyclonic energy anyway? I'm very impressed and could use some pointers. I would like to see this powerpoint presentation also! Perhaps over a few glasses while the boys play nerdy games...

  2. Good luck with your research Fiona!
    Hope the family wedding brings some happy resolutions too :)


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