Friday, April 13, 2012


I like the idea of these line a day journals for five years - I imagine looking back over the last few years of entries and seeing what I was doing on that day in the previous years - but I am not a daily writer. I tend to write in my journal sporadically, and while I write at least once a week, I don't think I am the line a day kind of person. I like to glue things in. I like to save public transport tickets, movie stubs, and exhibition postcards  to glue and sticky tape into my journals. I like to include photobooth photographs, free maps, postage stamps and other people's old receipts and shopping lists that I find in library books and while grocery shopping. I started doing this in my travel journals and it became a habit. 

That is why I have come to love the Moleskine sketchbook. I bought one by accident, I meant to buy a large notebook and picked up a sketchbook, but it was a happy accident. The pages are thicker and stand up to my sticking and gluing and my black ink fountain pen doesn't show through the pages (like it did in the notebook).  The sketchbooks probably don't have as many pages as the notebooks, but I like that they are unlined and can write as in them as large or small as I want to. 

I don't buy Moleskines because I think I am Bruce Chatwin or Ernest Hemingway (even though I love both of them), I buy them because I like the size, the weight and colour of the paper, the rounded corners and the portability. I also like the envelope in the back, the elastic close and the simplicity of them.

Do you journal? Do you have a favorite brand, or style, or size? Have you ever had a line a day journal - did it work for you?

N.B. This is not a sponsored post, I just thought I'd share my favorite style of journal. 


  1. My favourite journal is the one you made for me! It is filled with so many tickets, postcards and pictures, along with quotes, lyrics and of course journal entries. Sometime I will treasure forever. xx

    1. Yes, I love making the coptic stich journals, but it was much easier to do when I was an art teacher and had all the equiptment readily at hand. Still, I should make you another one.

  2. *some thing, though some time is quite apt too I suppose...


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