Thursday, April 12, 2012

New in the mail...

Image from Shearsman Books

Laurie Duggan's new book of poetry, The Pursuit of Happiness, arrived in the mail yesterday. I really enjoy Duggan's poems and style - his observations, wit, breavity, and word play. I have only had a chance to glimpse the first few pages, but I have already found lines to make me smile.

cement slabs, on which
black-faced sheep forage

the explosive factory
blew up in 1916

(from "Angles 1-18")


avoid places the guide books describe as 'bohemian'
only the northern edge of Brera begins to feel like real people
live there

the sparrows are smaller than English sparrows
but the pigeons and blackbirds are the same size

in Veronese's 'Last Supper'
everyone appears drunk

Medardo Rosso sculpts
like wax melts

Ball's 'Dog on a leash'
just about describes the Quadrilatero d'Oro

the Stazione Centrale is under wraps
the futurists have abandoned the city

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  1. Fantastic. I'm quite taken by 4. Look forward to reading more. xx


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