Monday, April 2, 2012

On the Road posters...

Alice Braga is Terry a.k.a. Bea Franco

Amy Adams is Jane a.k.a. Joan Vollmer

Elisabeth Moss is Galatea Dunkel a.k.a. Helen Hinkle

Tom Sturridge is Carlo Marx a.k.a. Allen Ginsberg

Viggo Mortensen is Old Bull Lee a.k.a. William Burroughs

Have you seen these yet? These are the official movie posters that have been posted on the On the Road - The Movie facebook page. Still waiting for posters of: Kristen Stewart (as Marylou, aka Louanne Henderson), Kirsten Dunst (as Camile, aka Carolyn Cassady), Sam Riley (as Sal Paradise, aka Jack Kerouac) and Garrett Hedlund (as Dean Moriarty, aka Neal Cassady).

What do you think? Do you like the aesthetic of the posters? Or do they look a little over photoshopped to you? I personally find the little quotes floating beside their faces a little distracting, they don't seem very embedded into the overall image. Regardless, these posters certainly make me think about what the film might be like.


  1. We’ve got the same idea about the floating quotations beside the character’s faces. They don’t look appealing to me. It isn’t obvious that these posters are photoshopped so they’re safe with regards to the photoshop issue.

  2. I've never seen so many posters for one film. But maybe I'm just showing my inexperience.

    Most of the actors look quite contemporary in these pictures. They don't look very 'Beat'.

    Anyway, we'll see!


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