Monday, June 25, 2012

I've been a little bit busy...

I have been marking first and second year papers, finishing a chapter for the PhD, and preparing to go to Melbourne this week for the Revealing the Reader symposium at Monash. While I am nervous, as I will be presenting my first conference paper, I am thrilled to be going to Melbourne and staying with a dear friend, and hopefully getting along to the Napoleon: Revolution to Empire exhibition at the NGV and Collected Works Bookshop.

When I get back from Melbourne, I will have another week of marking before going to Adelaide for the AHA Connections conference, where I will also be presenting a paper. It will be my first time in Adelaide and I will be staying in a backpackers in town close to the uni - should be interesting!


  1. Good luck with presenting your papers, Fiona! How exciting :)
    The Napoleon Exhibition look great - hope you get there and can share the fun. Good luck again! I'm sure you'll do wonderfully :) Kx

  2. I am envious of your trip to Melbourne, though I will leave the presentation of papers in your capable hands. I'm sure you will breathe a bit of life into the conference with your presentation and enthusiasm. I expect a postcard from the gallery of course! xx

  3. Fiona, while in Adelaide you should maybe call on Ken Bolton at the EAF. He runs a good bookshop there and it's just down the road.

  4. oh hello fiona! does this mean you were in melbs just this weekend past? oh i hope all went well with your presentation and you enjoyed the exhibition. nice wet weather for you too ; )

  5. Very freaking adorable!! I could take a bite! :) So glad you are enjoying your time! To see more info please visit


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