Monday, June 4, 2012


Alan Jefferies. Image credit: Speedpoets

I had a wonderful time at Speedpoets on Saturday. There was a really eclectic mix of readers this month including a table of what could be described as post-neo-Romantic poets channeling everyone from Byron, Keates and Shelley, to Dransfield, Marylin Manson and Iggy Pop. Meaning there was a lot of velvet and lace, leather and character hats. There were also a number of regulars, The Lucky Ones played, and Michael Cohn delighted the audience with a series of short observations about sausage rolls - he also won call back poet for June, so he will be battling it out in the future against other call back poets.

I enjoyed hearing poems from guest poet Julie Beveridge's forth coming book home{sic} and also Alan Jefferies who launched his new book Seem. Jefferies read a number of poems, my favorite being "People have strange reactions to my poems" which contains the lines,

A poem, well placed
can clear a room in seconds
a train station in a matter of minutes

People say outrageous things about my poems
but the worst by far
are those that smile faintly and say
"have you thought about writing prose." 

Speedpoets is on the first Saturday of each month at Brew cafe in Brisbane's CBD from 2 - 5pm. There are usally a couple of guest poets and three open mic sessions. It is a great way to spent a Saturday afternoon and only costs a gold coin donation.


  1. Fabulous! Made me laugh, the last line of Jefferies' poem :))
    Sounds like it was a great day Fiona. Kx

  2. I had a great time too. Thanks for the invite. It's nice to try to find a balance between Mothering and everything else. xx

  3. I liked all the BABIES - the last honest hecklers left in Brisbane!

  4. So true Carmen... babies aren't afraid to have a hearty heckle! Thanks for the write up Fiona! See you at Julie's launch on Tuesday night.

  5. What fascinating poem/video combination….sparks all kinds of ideas…thanks.


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