I am also compiling a list of anthologies that The New Australian Poets were published in from 1968-1979.

Cass, Shirley, Ros Cheney, David Malouf, and Michael Wilding, ed. We Took their Orders and are Dead: An Anti-War Anthology. Sydney: Ure Smith, 1971.
Craig, Alexander, ed. Twelve Poets. Brisbane: Jacaranda Press, 1971.
Dawe, Bruce, ed. Dimensions. Sydney: McGraw-Hill, 1974.
Dobson, Rosemary, ed. Australian Voices: Poetry and Prose of the 1970s. Canberra: ANUP, 1975.
Hall, Rodney, and Thomas W. Shapcott. New Impulses in Australian Poetry. St. Lucia: UQP,1968.
Jennings, Kate, ed. Mother, I’m Rooted: An Anthology of Australian Women Poets. Fitzroy: Outback, 1975.
Kenny, Robert, and Colin Talbot. Applestealers. Fitzroy: Outback, 1974.
McDonald, Roger, ed. The First Paperback Poets Anthology. St. Lucia: UQP, 1974.
Shapcott, Thomas W. ed. Australian Poetry Now. Melbourne: Sun Books, 1970.
Smith, Paul, ed. Pie Anthology. Melbourne: Whole Earth, 1974.
Tranter, John, ed. The New Australian Poetry. St. Lucia: Makar, 1979.